SAT2 数学 Level 1 介绍

SAT 数学 Level 1 介绍

SAT2 数学 Level 1 介绍  –  为什么要参加SAT 数学 Level 1考试和考试内容介绍

SAT2 数学 Level 1 介绍  –  Why Take the SAT Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test?

If you’re thinking about jumping into a major that involves a lot of math like some of the sciences, engineering, finance, technology, economics, and more, it’s a great idea to gain a competitive edge by showcasing everything you can do in the math arena. The SAT Mathematics test definitely tests your math knowledge, but here, you’ll get to show off even more with tougher math questions. In many of those math-based fields, you’ll be required to take the SAT Math Level 1 and Level 2 Subject Tests as it is.


SAT2 数学 Level 1 介绍  –  SAT Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test Content

So, what do you need to know? What kinds of math questions are going to be asked on this thing? Glad you asked. Here’s the stuff you need to be studying:

• Numbers and Operations

  • Operations, ratio and proportion, complex numbers, counting, elementary number theory, matrices, sequences: Approximately 5-7 questions

• Algebra and Functions

  • Expressions, equations, inequalities, representation and modelling, properties of functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential): Approximately 19 – 21 questions

• Geometry and Measurement

  • Plane Euclidean: Approximately 9 – 11 questions
  • Coordinate (lines, parabolas, circles, symmetry, transformations): Approximately 4 – 6 questions
  • Three-dimensional (solids, surface area and volume): Approximately 2 – 3 questions
  • Trigonometry: (right triangles, identities): Approximately 3 – 4 questions

• Data Analysis, Stats, and Probability

  • Mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range, graphs and plots, least squares regression (linear), probability: Approximately 4 – 6 questions


51UStudy SAT2 数学辅导

数学主讲 墨尔本大学机械工程专业荣誉学士学位,并曾在VCE考试中取得ATAR 98%的成绩。拥有超过4年的VCE和SAT数学教学经验的她曾经帮助数十名高中生取得成绩上的显著提高。另外,Qi对这两个考试中的数学部分的异同非常了解,加之对澳洲同学学习习惯的了解,她非常擅长根据同学们的不同基础制定有针对性的复习计划,帮助他们最快时间内同时准备VCE和SAT两个考试并且让这两项准备产生相辅相成的作用。