Our Stanford-Accepted Student Speaks Up about the Application Process

Stanford Student

The past few years has been a humbling journey. My ambitions and character have developed naturally together with my friendships in and outside school and so have my ideals, passions and skillsets. As I look back to my old self – 6, 7 years ago – I see a young energetic child, spoiled by the multitudes of activities, sports, musical opportunities and containing all the naivete a child possesses. As I look at myself now 6 years later, though I still see the spoilt energetic youth whose curiosity compels him to explore and probe around dangerously, oftentimes met with scoldings, I also see myself humbled down by the greater, more enchanting aspects of life – my dreams, my purpose, my sense of self or in other words, my desire to develop. This self-development process solidified during my last year where I was extremely fortunate to have 51UStudy with me to tie up my journey into tailored applications that opened gateways for my future in the US.


Though Australia does provide a great educational system with great career options, a worldly experience is narrowed down by the lack of diversity in surrounding people. This feeling first emerged when I attended Stanford’s summer course and compared it to the dull school life I was accustomed to everyday. This eye opening experience provided me an insight – a first step – to my place in this world and the ongoing quest to self-improve. As an universally recognised institution that accepts students around the globe, Stanford, or any other US institutions for that matter, provides an excelling platform for character and aspirations to develop. 51UStudy provided me steps required for me to reach my goal efficiently and accurately. In my imagination, the Ivy Leagues were like iron barred doors of a gigantic castle, hiding away a portion of possibilities of my future filled with life changing experiences. Those doors were large and heavy and required a lot of energy to push open by yourself – that was similar to the application process. However, having 51UStudy there with me was like having the doorknobs to those iron doors. It provided me with a much more efficient way to open to iron doors and access what hid behind – the possibility of being nurtured up in a world class institution where you could meet the next Evan Spiegel or Mark Zuckerberg.


51UStudy relieved me of several hours of tireless planning and structured ways for me to access and write my application in a cohesive and inviting manner. It simplified my journey massively and provided me with a clear goal in mind. Rather than telling me what to do, 51UStudy allowed me to grow and focus on things in which I was interested. For example, I was interested in Physics so I started my own Physics Club in school. I was also passionate in programming and developed a multiple choice application that could help my peers in their HSC.


I have grown exponentially during the past year and I would like to thank 51UStudy for the incessant undivided support and attention they have given me. Without Ray and his team, I would never had efficiently projected my Physics interests that underpins my extracurricular and research subjects to the US institutions. That is what they are looking for – for students whose authentic passions and critical thinking will challenge and broaden their peers’ way of thinking and is demonstrative in their extracurricular activities. My experiences throughout my journey has been long and short. I wish I could have explored more in other areas that I might have been interested in. My advice for students currently in highschool would be to explore everything and discover what your passion is. High school definitely is the time for self-exploration.





A graduate from Columbia University and a native New Yorker, Nico is now in Melbourne helping students here to realize their American college dream. Her understanding of U.S. higher education and experience in the Ivy League will guide you through both the SAT exam and the entire admission process.

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