51UStudy GMAT Workshop

51UStudy GMAT Workshop

With optimized courses, personalized plan, and experienced trainers, 51UStudy GMAT Workshop gives you the best and most efficient GMAT prep in Melbourne.


Course Features

Cut to the chase, we will lead you directly into the essences and rules of the GMAT.

We offer flexible hours and contents so you only pay what you really need.

Most experienced test-prep will work together with you to make your own preparation plan.

Mini-size lectures (6 students or less) plus personalised 1-on-1 Q&A and mock sessions help you solve all your questions.

A great networking opportunity where you can meet other future MBA candidates, starting MBA-style networking before it actually starts.

In the end, we can help you finish the GMAT preparation within 2 months.


Course Details

We have three sections in our workshop, and all the component are elective, giving you the leeway to arrange your own course!

Section 1 – Technical lecture

In this part, we help you break down GMAT into six topics. Going through each part, we provide you all the knowledge points and question-solving skill you need to tackle questions in that part.

a. Critical reasoning – 10 hours

b. Reading comprehension – 10 hours

c. Grammar basic and sentence correction – 10 hours

d. Quantitative – 10 hours

e. Analytical writing assessment – 5 hours

f. Integrated reasoning – 5 hours

You can feel free to choose the component(s) you need our help! Also if you think necessary, we would give you a diagnostic test and arrange a more personalized prep plan for you.


Section 2 – Free practice

Based on our experiences, you need practice to absorb the knowledge and skills provided in technical lecture. Therefore, we suggest you practice by yourself for approximately three week so that you could feel comfortable with what we have taught. Also you can have free Q&A sessions with our tutors during this section.


Section 3 – Pace drill and shadow practice

For most test-takers, pace is the biggest issue in GMAT. Also many our previous students found issues when implementing the knowledge and skills to solve real GMAT questions quickly enough. Therefore, we have designed this 15-hour section to help you obtain a better rhythm in the exam and a practical method to use what you have learned to tackle questions.



The whole set of 65-hour course: $3,990

One-on-one session: $110 per hour


Where are we?

Address: Level 6, 388 Bourke Street

Telephone: 03 9670 8868

Email: [email protected]

51UStudy offers professional preparation for the SAT, GMAT, GRE and expert guidance on global college and graduation school admission process.

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