51UStudy SAT Foundation Course

51UStudy SAT Foundation Course

51UStudy SAT Foundation Course is a comprehensive grammar tutorial for the SAT test. The course is broken up into four modules – word classes, diction, sentence structure and sentence logic, covering total 21 essential grammar rules and tips you need to know for the SAT test. SAT Foundation will provide valuable skills for improving SAT Writing and Language section and  a solid foundation for SAT test as a whole.


Course Details

Our workshop has no more than 6 students.  Each workshop covers one unit, which includes 1 to 3 grammar rules. After each workshop, you have one week to review and finish the assignment, answers of which will be given and explained in the next workshop.

Special: 1-2-1 Express Tutorials: If you need to take a fast track to learn the grammar essentials or have more flexible private tutoring, you can contact us for this option.


Suitable Students

  • have little or no training in formal English grammar
  • are not familiar with SAT Writing and Language section.
  • fail to achieve a satisfactory score on SAT Reading and Writing section (below 700)


Course Features

  • 20 hours course delivered in 8 weekly workshops (Sunday afternoon)
  • Learn grammar essentials covering word classes, nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentence structure and sentence logic, all of which are key testing points on SAT.
  • Total 21 SAT grammar rules you need to know to nail the writing sections.
  • Clear explanations and examples for each rule and skill.
  • Relevant practice questions for each rule, selected from official SAT practice tests.
  • AT test tips and study strategies.

51UStudy offers professional preparation for the SAT, GMAT, GRE and expert guidance on global college and graduation school admission process.

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