51UStudy SAT Preparation Course

51UStudy SAT Preparation Course

51UStudy SAT Preparation Course is a long-term and step-by-step advanced prep tutorial for students who have finished SAT Foundation or possess proven skills in grammar. The course mainly focuses on the most challenging sections on the SAT: Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Essay, both of which require consistent effort and extensive practice. Led by our experienced SAT experts, you will review all the essential contents of Reading and Essay. The engaging lessons also let you prepare alongside other students in a dynamic group with lively discussion and collaborative drills. SAT Preparation will boost your confidence and help improve your SAT score.


Course Details

Total Hours: 28 hours; 8 weeks

Days Info: Sunday

Time: 9.30 am – 1 pm


Suitable Students

To benefit fully from the course, we recommend that you have completed SAT Foundation or possess proven grammar knowledge.


What do you get?


  • 14 hours reading course delivered in 4 sessions
  • Extensive in-class practice of 8 questions types and 4 passage types
  • Learn general reading methods through challenging articles selected by the instructor
  • Prepare 4 major types of SAT passages and relevant questions
  • Master task-taking strategies and tips for each questions type and passage type
  • Help improve your critical thinking ability


Essay Writing

  • 14 hours course delivered in 4 sessions, specialized in improving your essay writing skills
  • Increase your effective vocabulary you know how to use in writing SAT essay
  • Enrich your sentence structure and paragraph structure
  • Familiarize you with all the proper format of SAT essay response
  • Build up example banks you would find handy in the exams
  • Go through students’ work in detail to improve your writing skills

51UStudy offers professional preparation for the SAT, GMAT, GRE and expert guidance on global college and graduation school admission process.

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