Our Service

Established in and solely dedicated to Australia, 51UStudy offers professional preparation for the SAT, GMAT, GRE and expert guidance on global college and graduation school admission process. We are here to help students stand out among the fierce application competition to win acceptance to their dream schools.


Our Advantages

We are Personal

Unlike foreign organizations with dozens of consultants serving hundreds of students each year, we are a small team specializing in a niche market. We know each of our students and are able to offer him/her specific strategies that really fit their background, and all of our services are conducted on a one-on-one basis.

We are Australian

We know the education system in Australia. Therefore, we understand how to use local resources to improve your unique application profile and make your Australian background a real plus in your admission process. We are conveniently located in Melbourne city and are immediately accessible in your time zone, face-to-face.

 We are with You for Long Haul

We will not only be with you for several months; our guidance and support can last for several years. Our service starts as early as Year 9 for college application or your freshman for graduate school application, and covers topics like  course selection, extracurricular activity advice, and standardized test guidance. This lasting expert supervision will maximize your admission potential when application season arrives.


Our case successful rate is 100%

Our students have received admissions from the following schools after using our service:

Yale University

Yale-NUS College

Duke University

University of Pennsylvania

Johns Hopkins University

Washington University in St. Louis

Brown University

Vanderbilt University

Emory University

University of California – Berkeley

University of California – Los Angeles

University of Virginia

University of Southern California

University of Michigan

New York University

Oxford University

LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science

LBS – London Business School

HEC Paris




The key items in our college admission service

1. Ice-Breaking

Each tailor-made admissions consultation service starts with an in-depth discussion about you. With this, we will better understand you and your family’s values, priorities, and preferences, as well as your strengths, needs, and learning style.


2. High School Course Selection

Colleges in the U.S. require balance in your high school curriculum and look for a correlation between your courses and interests. We may suggest some more challenging courses, and trace your school record to optimize your course load by U.S. college standards.


3. Extracurricular Activity Advice

We will encourage you to take on more meaningful and more admission-oriented activities by initiating or suggesting new activities, or upgrading a current one.  We are well versed in both individual school activities and local volunteer organizations and can provide advice about activities you can participate in to enrich your resume. In addition, you will be able to work together with our other students during a regular student meeting, where you can co-organize new activities together. Finally, we will help you manage your Locker on the Coaltion Platform as early as in Year 9 to systematize your application preparation.


4. Standardized Test Advice

Our experienced SAT preparation team and college consultants will work together to provide a personal test preparation and taking strategy to ensure you achieve your desired score most efficiently.  These services are completely individualized and based on your capacity and calendar


5. College Introduction and Selection

There are over 5,000 colleges in the States but which one suits you the best? With your background, academic record, extracurricular activities, standardized test scores, target schools and majors, preference on location and weather and all other relevant factors, we will offer you a list of schools that suit you. After that, we will discuss these options together with you and your parent(s) to agree upon a final list containing the schools to which you will apply.


6. Resume/Activity List Build-Up

Throughout your high school career, you will participate in many different activities.  The way these are organized on your application may play a major role in how these activities are perceived and evaluated. We can make all your effort on extracurricular activities count by creating a resume/activity list that coordinates every activity for you.


7. Recommendation Letter Guidance

Letters of recommendation are another core component of every application. We will give you advice on how to choose recommenders, how to communicate with them, and how to make their letters work best alongside your other application materials.


8. Application Essay Services

Application essays are the most daunting and mysterious part of the U.S. college admission process. But with our help, you can rest assured your essay will be captivating and well written. The process begins with a brainstorm, where we dig up your life stories; then we pick out the stories we believe would catch the eyes of admissions officers. Next, we will advise you on how to present your story in your essay. After you have written a draft, we will help you to modify and edit your story to lead you to a perfect version.


9. Interview Guidance

Many schools offer interviews for their applicants. We will help you to prepare for these interviews by offering expert responses and going through mock interviews with you.


10. Offer Selection

When all the work is done, you will often have more than one admission. Congratulations! From this point, we can help you to pick the one that fits you the best.


The key items in our graduate business school admission service

1. Ice-Breaking

Each tailor-made admissions consultation service starts with an in-depth discussion about you. With this, we will better understand you, your experience, career goal, and strengths and weaknesses.


2. Resume Build-Up

The resume is the key to prepare a competitive business school application package. Our service will thoroughly work on your education, internship, community service, and leadership experiences and then synthesize them to make a perfect resume, which ensures the reader of resume, the admission committee, believe that you are a valuable candidate for their program and well-prepared to pursue your career goal.


3. Program Introduction and Selection

Among over thousands of business programs around the world, which one suits you the best? We will list all the schools based our understanding about you and help you select the programs to apply


4. Recommendation Letter Guidance

Who should be invited to write recommendations for you? A suitable reference can be a great plus in your recommendation, and we surely will give you guidance.


5. Application Essay Services

Application essays are arguably the most daunting, mysterious, painstaking, time-consuming and important part of business school application process. But with our help, your essay would clearly present your story, highlight your competence, and suit you well into the program.


6. Interview Guidance

Interview is another crucial part of business school application. We will offer you a list of popular interview questions, help you work out your best response, and finally run mock interview with you.