题目: Is creativity needed more than ever in the world today?


The nature of the modern world is such that the pressures humanity face require increasingly creative solutions, both technologically, and artistically. The prospect of food shortages and global warming are two of the largest problems ever facing the world, and will require incredible creativity if they are to be overcome. Similarly, as people work harder and longer in the West they have an increased need for art and beauty, which because of long cultural histories require more creativity than ever.


Global warming threatens to completely alter life as we know it. Food shortages already mean that millions of people are going hungry every day. Together, these threats mean that the world faces untold suffering, especially given the current expanding global population. While in the past, hardwork and bravery were all that were required to find new resources or fix problems, these have taken us as far as they can. For this reason, creativity needs to be fostered and grown, so that we can reuse and use more efficiently the now limited resources at our disposal.


Increased creativity is not only required to fix the material, physical problems of the world, but its emotional and spiritual ones too. As people work ever harder, their need for beauty and entertainment increases. Problematically, the inherent requirements of “newness” in art and the long history of producing art means that it is increasingly difficult to come up with original ideas. Huge creativity is needed, and, thankfully, we have seen some of this in areas such as television, a once inferior art form that has been used to present beautiful and interesting spectacles available to a mass audience. And yet, as these become more common, it will become harder to think of new ideas, requiring more creativity than ever before.


The nature of the modern world, its emphasis on growth and expansion in spite of the finite limits of planet Earth means that, in a sense, creativity will always be more needed today than it was yesterday. Similarly, as we pick the artistic “low-hanging fruit” at the same time as we require it more and more due to our busier lives, every day more creativity is needed in this sphere.

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